Sometimes, I feel like I’m still living in Lebanon

Woke up to news this morning about the “alleged plot uncovered to assassinate Kamla.” (For my non-Trini readers, Kamla Persard-Bissessar is the current Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.)

Alleged plot to assassinate Trinidad PM Kamla

just what this country needs! As if the SOE and curfew weren't enough..

Seriously? Where am I living??!!

According to the above article,

“Up to late yesterday, more than ten persons were in police custody in connection with the alleged plot. Among them, a police sergeant who was arrested while on duty at the St Clair Police Station. He was taken to the Woodbrook Police Station.

The son of a prominent contractor in Valsayn wass also arrested by police. The suspects are being housed in separate police stations along the East-West Corridor.

A senior Government source said: “This assassination plot, the security forces have stated, is based on the anger of some criminals because of the imposition of the SoE, which was effective. This plot is a well-orchestrted plan to show that the State of Emergency was a dismal failure and an attempt to destabilise the Government.””

Sometimes I feel like I’m still in Lebanon.. you know, with constant worries about border clashes and other impending doom.

I mean, I know this is nothing new..Trinidad has had a pretty tumultuous recent past. But I never thought living in the Caribbean would be so..well..dramatic. On every level..

My friend once said, “Crime is the price we have to play for living in such a beautiful country.”

Somehow, I think that’s a pretty steep price.

Colleagues at work tell me that the “alleged plot” is “a bunch of BS,” and that the current administration is just trying to find a way to justify their actions as they have come under fire since the enactment of the State of Emergency (SOE) and curfew (which has now been lifted). “The SOE and curfew have done nothing for Trinidad..nothing! If anything, they’ve set us back even more. Criminals that were arrested, were released..wrongful arrested lawsuits are now clogging the judicial system, and businesses around the country suffered because of the curfew.. Nothing positive has come out of the government’s actions (in how they handle crime) and they are just trying to find a way to save face in the eyes of the public.”

Comments on the online version of above article express similar sentiment:

Alleged plot to assassinate Kamla:

Alleged plot to assassinate Kamla


I don’t know what to believe. But I will tell you that I don’t want to believe that government would go to such lengths to fabricate a story about an alleged assassination plot!! Especially after everything this country has just been through.


More and more, I’m realizing that I’m going to have to adopt the same ignorant attitude that I adopted when I was living in Lebanon. Cause all of this hoopla is just too much to bear. Really.

Keep calm and eat ah doubles



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2 responses to “Sometimes, I feel like I’m still living in Lebanon

  1. Maybe they realized you were missing Beirut and were starting to reminisce on the old times there…
    Crazy that a government would go too such extents and propagate misinformation. but who knows… it could still be true?

  2. It’s good to know you’re constantly reminded of us back here! =D
    And, as a matter of fact, I’ve adopted your ignorance policy, because it’s not only too much to handle, it gets boring eventually =(

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