Snapvideo Saturdays..

Funny, I was struggling for inspiration this week and chanced upon this incredible video about local surfer pro, Chris Dennis, who takes time out of his weekends to help teach underprivileged kids how to surf. Not only that, but he also uses this time to reinforce the importance of education. Before he allows the kids to jump in the water, he gives them books and magazines to read, and then questions them on the lessons and words they learnt that day – hence his saying “Fools can’t surf.”

To get as many kids in the water as he can, he collects broken boards and hand me downs which he then repairs with whatever materials he can get his hands on. He involves the kids in the process so that they learn to appreciate the boards and so that they play an active role in their hobby.

This is such an inspirational story that everyone should learn from.

It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside..makes me want to do more to give back to the community.

Watch the’ll be glad you did. 🙂

To donate boards or other surfing equipment, send an email to

**Let’s not forget that it is the season of giving..what are you doing to give back this holiday season?**

Source: ban-d-wagonist



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2 responses to “Snapvideo Saturdays..

  1. well worth a watch! Makes me wish I could’ve spent more time in the water last time I was there

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