Buhwamoder – Trinidad’s Internet Sensation

Ok..so I don’t really know how to describe Buhwamoder Latchmaner-Persad-Singh..


Buhwamoder himself..


Internet Meme? Comedian? Soca Artist?

I don’t know..

All I know is that he is reallll kicks! (Translation for all of my non-Trini friends “He’s really funny!”)

I first found out about him when someone sent me his Trini Slap Chop video while I was still in Lebanon..and only today did I discover some of his other work.. which I just had to share here..

Buhwamoder’s Soca Song..

Buhwamoder’s Random Trini Minis

Buhwamoder on Advertising..

and it seems like he’s coming out with a TV series soon which I can’t wait to see!

This is exactly what I needed today..

Good times! Good times!

As my Granny would say, “He has talent fuh days!”

Who knows..maybe he’ll grant me a private interview one of these days? We’ll have to see..



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4 responses to “Buhwamoder – Trinidad’s Internet Sensation

  1. Kevin

    The first couple ah videos was rel jones.. but the videos he making lately eh really to good..

  2. Sandra Scott Farah

    As a Trini I can understand what he is saying and can appreciate the humour, but I wonder if your foreign viewers can understand the “lingo”.

  3. Vandhana

    He’s rubbish, mocking poor people.

  4. Leah

    The only real comedian Trinidad has to offer

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