Random sightings on The Avenue..

Was making a lap of the Avenue with some of my girls on Tuesday night, when we stopped by La Habana for a drink.. We sat on the stools facing the street when this man started to put on quite the show for us. From what we were told, this is how he gets foreign women to sleep with him. (Especially European women..who have a thing for Rastamen) I wonder how often he gets through!!??

While his charms didn’t exactly work on  us..we did come away with a good laugh.. (you’ll here my friend in the background laughing her A off.)

Gotta give it to him for trying a ting!

Good times in TNT!


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3 responses to “Random sightings on The Avenue..

  1. Rob

    He saw all the lights and the girls on the avenue and thought he was in a club. That’s all.. LOL.

  2. How cool! Great to find you again!

  3. See if women actually find that charming, it’s really not our fault anymore for failing to understand you gals.. I’m just saying..

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