Snapshot Saturdays..

I was warned that when I came back from Miami the gym would be packed with swarms of “birds”  preparing their bodies for Carnival – which is only, what? 40 something days away? And I mean, I don’t blame them.. Parading your body over a 2 day period for the whole world to see takes a considerable amount of..well..confidence.. Although Carnival does attract women of all colors, sizes, and shapes..

Anyway, as somebody who goes to the gym pretty frequently, I know first hand that it takes work to look like this..

Trini women Carnival

Gabrielle Walcott - the reigning Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe

Trini women Carnival

Trinidad's pride and joy - Anya Ayoung-Chee - Season 9 Project Runway Winner

Trini women Carnival


Trini women Carnival


Trini women Carnival


All photos by the talented Devinath

So, I prepared myself this week to deal with massive amounts of women all hot and sweaty to get on Kanye’s Work out plan..even the trainers warned me that it was about to get seriously out of control..

But to my was the opposite..the gym was…empty!! (score!) Which left me to wonder, where are all of the women?!?

Women prepare their bodies for carnival in Trinidad

empty!!..but quite the view, huh. Best gym view ever.

Women prepare their bodies for carnival..

Seriously, where is everybody?

Maybe they’re still digesting their pastelles and Christmas ham? Who knows. But I’m loving it. 🙂


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