POTHOUND – A Short Film

This has to be one of the best, most touching short films I’ve ever seen..hands down. And the fact that it’s out of Trinidad makes it that much better.

For those of you who don’t know, (I’m not sure if this term is used outside of Trinidad)..

A pothound (prounced ‘pothong’ in Trinidad) is a term used to describe a dog of mixed or intermediate breed..a street dog frequently associated with getting into mischief. (Another name would be dustbin terrier)..

Not only is this video expertly shot and directed, but it chronicles the beautiful journey of a “pothong” as he makes his way throughout Trinidad, helping people he encounters along the way.

(double click on the video to enlarge..)

“Pothound” has been blowing up all over Facebook and Twitter in Trinidad over the past couple of days..and I had to do my part in getting it out there. I’m so happy to know we have such talented filmmakers and animators in Trinidad and Tobago. I’m proud. So proud.

Please watch and share.

For more on the makers please visit bepperton.comtrinidadandtobagofilm.com.



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2 responses to “POTHOUND – A Short Film

  1. wow it is very nicely shot.. excellent camera angles and perfect nature shots and the lighting was awesome. the dog is so freaking cute..
    a very good find..

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