Snapshot Saturdays

So right around the corner from where I work there is this bakery that sells pastries and pies..and puffs. Yep puffs..these cute little pastry bread things filled with either cheese, tuna, or chicken.. (Cheese puffs are my favorite)..

Usually I try to avoid them, opting instead for my usual “coffee with milk please.” But sometimes, I like to indulge.. Here are some photos of some of the more “Trini” offerings..

Trini food

Cheese fav. aren't they just the cutest?

Trini food

Currant roll.. a pastry made with currants (similar to raisins..)

Trini food

Coconut roll and jam tart (never had a coconut roll..looks interesting..maybe a bit rich tho?)

Trini food

Spinach pies and fish pies..

I asked the cashier whether sales were down since it’s only 30 something days until Carnival  and everyone I know is on a “Carnival crash diet” which basically consists of not eating. Surprisingly she said, “No! Business is as usual! Same people come in everyday, order the same thing and never get fat!


Happy Saturday!


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  1. de cheese puffs and the beef pies win. price on them though. if ah get the time tomorrow, i’ll shoot a bess shop ’round my side.

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