My second foray into Downtown

So, I had to go into Downtown POS today to sort out some documents and decided to take the opportunity to explore the area a little bit more. A few weeks ago, was my first time EVER walking through the streets of Downtown POS..I wrote a post about it..and the responses I got were rather interesting.. They ranged from “Yeah, Downtown isn’t that bad at all, I can’t believe it took you so long to visit!” to.. “Girl you’re lucky you didn’t get attacked!

Honestly, I don’t understand the negative perception of Downtown..I mean, ok there are certain areas that are ‘rougher’ than others, but on the whole I think the area is generally safe..and full of historical landmarks! The Government should  really considering running a campaign aimed at restoring the area in the minds of the public (or, rather, those people who hold negative perceptions about the area)..I mean, walking through the promenade is so..nice..and peaceful. It’s a shame more people don’t take advantage of it.

In Miami, I used to spend many weekends going to outdoor art/fashion street festivals where local vendors would sell their work. The Brian Lara Promenade would be the perfect venue for such a festival. Don’t you think?

Anywayyy,,until then,..enjoy a few photos I took on my second foray into Downtown.. 😀

Downtown POS

Snapshot of buildings in Downtown POS

Downtown POS

home of The Guardian Newspaper

Downtown POS

Walking along Brian Lara Promenade

Downtown POS

Art along the Promenade

Downtown POS

Checkers anyone? I love these types of installments that encourage people to get together,,and socialize..outside.

Downtown POS

Close up of the Brian Lara statue.

Downtown POS

A little more about the Princes of Port of Spain

Downtown POS

Newspaper vendor outside of The Guardian

Downtown POS

A mural on the TSTT building

Downtown POS

Downtown POS

What do you think should be done to change the negative perception of Downtown in the minds of (some) people?


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2 responses to “My second foray into Downtown

  1. ah think the people who are afraid of downtown pos will always be afraid of downtown pos. and to be honest, maybe they have a real reason to be afraid.

  2. I jump blogs… And don’t know how I landed on yours, but just did 🙂 Quite interesting!And I checked the one on Lebanon as well… Impressive! Well done and keep it up 🙂

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