*FYI- I left Trinidad in April 2012…please continue reading anyway!*



I’m a 25 year old girl from Miami, getting back in touch with her Trini roots. Although both of my parents are from Trinidad, this is my first attempt at living in the Caribbean. Woop woop! Wish me luck!

I started the “This is” series while living in Beirut..where I spent an absolutely incredible year and a half after graduating from university. Check out my first blog, This is Beirut, here (which I still keep updated btw). This is Trinidad, will be the second installment in this series. Hopefully it’s as interesting as the first! Beirut will definitely be hard to beat!

A little about my past? Well..where do I begin?

I’ve climbed The Great Wall of China, volunteered at an orphanage in Bangkok, seen a bull fight in Madrid, and been to a “coffee shop” in Amsterdam.  I’ve had high tea at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, paid 4 euros for a waffle in Belgium, been inside of the Colosseum in Rome, and eaten jerk chicken in Jamaica.  I’ve walked through the rain forest in Costa Rica, Ground Zero in New York, The Louvre in Paris, and The Opera House in Sydney.  I’ve experienced Chicago in January, Trinidad during carnival, a nude beach in Barcelona, and the heat in Kuwait.  I’ve seen the Alps in Switzerland, used an outhouse in Kentucky, been on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and had a margarita in Key West.  I’ve had knefe in Amman, been on the Dutch side of St. Maarten, driven on the Formula 1 Race Track in Monte Carlo, and watched Charles Barkley play poker in Vegas.

You could say I like to keep it fresh.

Want to get personal?  Check out this post. (It links back to a post I wrote while in Beirut)

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27 responses to “Moi.

  1. Mom

    Good luck on your “This is Trinidad” installment, Danielle. I am sure you will find lots of “blog worthy” material there. I know Beirut will be hard to beat, but Trinidad will give her a run for her money, I’m sure!

  2. Danny

    I think you forgot to add under the MOI section that you have one of the most Amazing Mothers that a Gal could ever ask for ;-D

    Big Hug


  3. Natalie Harake

    I’m sure “This is Trinidad” is going to be just as entertaining as the Beirut series and I can’t wait to read all about it. Beirut isn’t the same without you!
    Best of luck, boojie – I know you’ll make the most out of it.

  4. Reiad Khan

    Just want to say that this is probably the most interesting Trini blog I have ever found. Please, keep it up! I will be following!

    • Thank you Reiad! I really appreciate that!! :DDDD

      • Reiad Khan

        No problem! I was just wondering: are you a journalist? What is it that you do? You seem to have such an interesting life!

      • Hi Reiad! Well, not a journalist in the traditional sense..but I suppose this blog makes me somewhat of a journalist! I work in Advertising and Digital Media..and I just really love to travel and write about my experiences! :DDD My Mom keeps pushing me to go work for the New York Times or Travel Channel,, maybe one day I just might. 😉

  5. Kevin

    This is by far the best blog I’v come across about Trinidad.. As a Trinidadian I would like to say to you keep up the excellent job..but on a little side note..have you thought about venturing out into Central Trinidad or perhaps the Southland ?

    • Hi Kevin! Thank you for your comment! Yes, I’ve been meaning to make it to Central and South Trinidad,,but not having a car has made it a bit difficult for me. Admittedly, I’m not as adventurous as I like to think I am.. I have been waiting on friends and family to take me out of “town,” which is easier said than done as I am unfamiliar with those parts of Trinidad. As I’m sure you know people in the West hardly ever make it past the lighthouse! But I will say that as soon as I get an opportunity to head to the East, Central, or South..I’m jumping on it! 🙂

  6. Sandra Scott Farah

    Yes …Danielle is right and I hope that one day she is able to get the opportunity to showcase her writing to a larger audience through a major publication or TV 🙂 This is her Mom and it makes me so happy and proud to see that I am not the only one that thinks she has raw talent as a writer and the ability to “connect” in a unique way with her readers. Thanks for all of your positive and supportive comments to her! Keep it up, Danielle!

  7. kms

    Hi Danielle. Congrats on a great blog! It is entertaining, honest and insightful snapshot of life, culture and people in Trinidad. Although I actually grew up here, I recently moved back home from Miami as well and am having fun observing my culture from an insider/outsider perspective. You happened across my blog with a similar theme ( a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been online much recently and didn’t get a chance to tell you I enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

  8. mo

    Im so sad ur not in Beirut anymore. I used to enjoy ur posts 😦 Let me tell you, you wont ever stop comparing everything to Lebanon lol . I left Lebanon 10 years ago and im still comparing…yalla good luck in trinidad and i hope ull return to lebanon sooon 🙂

    • Yes I have come to terms with the fact that I will never stop comparing everything to Lebanon. That country,,and that city (Beirut) will forever be a part of me! Some things you just can’t deny you know? That’s why I decided to keep This is Beirut alive for as long as possible! It’s definitely a labor of love to keep both of these blogs alive and active..but so so worth it..and rewarding! Thank you for your comment!

  9. Vandhana

    I stumbled upon your blog accidentally and love your writing and photos! Keep it up!

  10. Fresh and interesting style, I too am a ‘returned trini’, been back 18 or so years and still discovering the brilliance of the energy of my home. After Egypt, Iraq, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Barbados, the UK, and Florida…TnT is still amazing. There is something here…papable. (Also an advertising/communication writer etc so your language works for me.) Keep it up!!

    • Ahh so I’m not the only one crazy enough to return? That’s good to hear! You should start a blog as well so we can compare notes! Thanks for the comment Clint! 😀

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  12. Sonja

    Just recently came across your blog and its wonderful! Gives one a new appreciation of Trinidad…..things that we take for granted everyday!

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