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Curfew lifted, Dr. Conrad convicted

Yesterday was a big day for Trinidad.

The 11:00pm – 4:00am curfew that was in effect since August was lifted, and Trinidadian bred Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Way to put yourself in the news Trinidad! (Update: No, the curfew wasn’t as a result of Dr. Murray’s trial. The two were mutually exclusive events. Apparently this wasn’t obvious for some of my international readers. Sorry!)

Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of Michael Jackson's murder

My friends and I heard the news while we were in a movie. Well, the ‘no more curfew’ news that is. Suddenly, everyone’s phones started to light up..and people started to shout, “Curfew done! Curfew done!” (Honestly, I kinda welcomed the injection of humor since we were watching thriller, Paranormal Activity 3!)

When we left the movie, my friends and I must’ve spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what we were going to do. “We can’t just go home! There’s no more curfew! But I’m tired.. Oh come on, let’s check out what’s going on on the Avenue!..” It felt kinda odd there for a second. Like we HAD to do something.

So we did the only acceptable thing to do. We went to have a celebratory drink! Us and the whole of Trinidad..the streets and bars were packed with people!

Shakers Trinidad

Celebratory drink? I think yes!

Even so, all of us were home well before 11:00pm. Seems like we’ve gotten a bit to accustom to curfew hours! Either that or we’re just LAME. One of my friends was saying how she’s actually going to miss the curfew since it meant that you were forced to come home at a decent hour.. But something tells me that this weekend is probably going to change all of that.

Lifting the curfew has more implications that giving people their social lives back though. Many have been saying that crime is going to be at its worse after the curfew is finished, as criminals who have been kept at bay will want to make up for lost time – which is probably why the State of Emergency is still in effect. All eyes are on the government to see what measures they are going to take to ensure things don’t relapse.

According to PM Persad-Bissessar “Certain exercises to ensure we don’t slip back into the level of criminal activity will remain and the government reserves the right to impose limited curfews where and when necessary as advised by the Minister of National Security. According to an article that appeared in today’s Newsday, “Her future plans include measures to boost the Central Intelligence Command, retain joint patrols, expand CCTV coverage (across cities, malls and vulnerable areas), target social and cultural initiatives to help community life and created 20,000 jobs in low-income communities.” 

Here’s to hoping Trinidad finally gets the peace she deserves.


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