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Mudslides in paradise..

So, as it turns out, there’s a downside to living in a lush, mountainous valley: MUDSLIDES.

Maraval, Trinidad

The view from my front door step..

Yesterday, at around 2:00pm, I began to receive calls, texts, and emails from people telling me about the disastrous flooding taking place in Maraval – which happens to be where I live. From the pictures and videos I was receiving it looked as if a hurraince had swept through the area, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

My father and I stayed away from home until about 8:00pm, hoping the traffic would subside and all of the mud and debris would be cleared off the road by then. We held our breath as we approached our house, hoping that the small bridge we cross to get into our neighborhood hadn’t been washed away, and that our house was still intact.

I’m happy to say, everything was ok..

Others in our area weren’t so lucky though..

Mudslides in Maraval, Trinidad


Flooding in Maraval, Trinidad


Flooding in Maraval, Trinidad


Flooding in Maraval, Trinidad



Flooding in Maraval, Trinidad



Although this has been a particularly wet rainy season in Trinidad, yesterday’s downpour wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. So why the insane flooding and mudslides? From what I’ve been hearing and reading, it’s because of the careless development and deforestation that’s taking place on the hillsides (making it all too easy for a small rain shower to turn into a massive mudslide), and the fact that debris (and garbage) from dry season remains in the rivers straight through to rainy season – causing the rivers to overflow easily. I would ask why the government, and the Office of Disaster and Preparedness Management in particular, has allowed things to get so bad..but I think I know better.

A forward I received this morning summed it up perfectly with,

The rain yesterday was normal.

This is what happens when selfish, incompetent, rape and plunder artists ‘develop’ the hillsides without proper planning, engineering and preparation… exacerbated by idiots who dump trash in the rivers… and enabled by the apologists  who continue to insist that Triniwonderland is the greatest! ….  Enough; no more: ‘Tis not so sweet now as it was before. (Duke Orsino.. Twelfth Night)

Thank GOD Trinidad lies outside of the hurricane belt. If a relatively small rain shower can leave behind this much destruction, just imagine a hurricane!

God must really be a Trini.


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