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I’m Santana B*tch!

I’ve had a thing for puppets ever since I discovered Jeff Dunham a couple of years back..

and it was only recently that I found Trinidad had a puppet series of its own – Santana – created by Roger Alexis… One of my colleagues at work has the Narine ‘making love’ ringtone on her phone (when it comes to making love i is d bessss lol) and when I asked her about it, she said, “You doh know Santana? Where yuh been living girl?”

Obviously, under a rock.


The popular puppet short film series, Santana, became an instant Internet sensation two years ago, appealing to viewers across the globe. source What started as a sock with some holes in it and a friend’s video camera, quickly grew into the  Santana series as people couldn’t get enough of Alexis’ work. To perfect his craft, Alexis went to UWI at the age of 35 where he did a bachelors degree in Film Production. In an interview by Outlish Magazine, Alexis had this to say, “In the past people would tell me I’s a black boy. Film in the past was for de white boys. I see myself as a human being. I do all the tings I like to do. I scuba dive. I like hiking. I like outdoor stuff. I love filmmaking. So I do it.” To read the entire interview on Alexis, click here.

I haven’t watched all of the videos..but I think Sookdeo is my favorite character so far. He’s such a badass!

Sookdeo Santana

My boy Sookdeo


Don’t know why he isn’t on the character list on the  lexo.tv website..!!


And last week, Alexis had the premier of his first movie based on the series of Santana short films! Congrats Roger..that’s huge.


According to an article in the Guardian, Alexis is “the next big thing in the local film industry after proving himself with his first movie. Last Wednesday evening, media and fans got the chance to view the highly-anticipated premiere at Caribbean Cinemas 8, Trincity Mall, Trincity. Three earlier screenings of the movie that day were sold out. From the time the show began, laughter erupted from members of the audience, who were clearly familiar with all the characters, as they shouted out things like: “Buh what happen to Narine. He real dottish eh?”and “Ogosh, Patsy yuh bad girl!”

So yeah,, as part of my ‘cultural education’ I have enlisted a couple of friends and colleagues to join me in watching the “I’m Santana” movie sometime this week!

Bulletin! As I was writing this my colleauge came in my office to tell me that MovieTowne (one of the biggest entertainment/cinemas in the Caribbean)  has refused to screen the “I’m Santana” movie. I can’t find an official statement by MovieTowne explaining why they chose to adopt this stance..but it’s a sad day indeed when a Caribbean cinema chain chooses to screen international blockbusters instead of supporting local talent! SMFH!

MovieTowne refuses to screen Santana

Some of the Santana characters take a picture in front of MovieTowne in protest.


And lexo.tv Facebook fans are disgusted at MovieTowne’s actions..and rightly so!

I share their sentiments..It's incredible that the media hasn't picked this up already..I wonder why??!!!

“I’m Santana” is showing at the Digicel IMAX Theatre and Caribbean Cinemas 8..for showtimes click here and here.

Support the local film industry and go and see it!


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