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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

A video has been making it’s way around Trini Facebook pages recently in which American Gene Bontrager pays tribute to Trinidad and Trini food with his song, Maracas Beach. Even though I only consider myself partly Trini, it’s really nice to foreigners (especially Americans!) embracing (and loving) Trini food and culture.

The Ministry of Tourism needs to make this man and his song part of their next advertising campaign! Trinidad could seriously use some positive PR right about now..you know with the state of emergency and everything..

“As you see, I like meh belly man.” 😉


I think what I love most about this guy is that he probably has no clue that his video has gone “viral.”

Hmm..it’s probably time I learn how to cook, right?

(Thanks for the video Uncle Mike!)

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