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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

I’ve spent many Christmases in Trinidad,..but this is the first time I’m realizing just how all-out businesses go for the holiday season. Just last week, I went to both MovieTowne and West Mall where I was surprised to see decorations rivaling the States in size, number, and detail..

I mean, I’ve always known Trinis to be into their decorations..like Beirutis, they are a very image conscious people..but this is on another level! ┬áCheck out some of the pics I took…

Movie Towne Trinidad

Merry Christmas from MovieTowne

Movie Towne Trinidad

MovieTowne cinemas...hmmm..Christmas trees much?

and in West Mall…

West Mall Trinidad

Men at work!

West Mall Trinidad

Christmas decorations at West Mall..

West Mall Trinidad

The falls at West Mall..

Christmas season is definitely in the air.

I haven’t been here for many other religious holidays (well, except Diwali since it just passed)..but to all Trinis out there, is it accurate to say that Christmas is the most “decorated” holiday in Trinidad? And why do you think that is considering the various religious beliefs inhabiting this tiny island?


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